$4B more for combat vehicles to fight the Afghan war


CV9030 infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) in mud exercises.

CV9030 infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) in mud exercises. Part of yet another $4 billion arms deal to help fight the war in Afghanistan.


The Canadian Army is planning a new fleet of combat vehicles as part of a $4 billion arms purchase. Once again, billions of dollars are being spent to meet the requirements of one combat mission: Afghanistan.

The truth is that the Afghanistan war is costing a fortune, and has practically wiped out the Canadian Army, according to the report today by the Canadian Press,

“Battle damage has eliminated various stocks from the Whole Fleet Management system,” said the 2009-10 review, penned by Lt.-Gen. Andrew Leslie, chief of land staff, and obtained by The Canadian Press.

“Procurement and (management system) did not adequately take vehicle casualties into account.”

Leslie recently told the Senate’s committee on security and defence that the out-of-service rate for some vehicles across the entire army is running around 70 per cent [emphasis added].

The purchase of these combat vehicles is further evidence that Canada’s role in Afghanistan is increasing in firepower, and will continue to be combat-focussed for the forseeable future.

According to http://www.army-technology.com/projects/cv90/, the CV90 infantry fighting vehicle is compatible with a range of armaments, sights and fire control systems to suit the mission requirement. All versions carry a crew of three: commander, driver and gunner, together with up to eight soldiers.

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