662 responses: Our Ceasefire.ca Member Survey results

Most Ceasefire.ca members feel “It’s Just Right”

We are really pleased with the high level of satisfaction Ceasefire.ca members have with the nature and frequency of our e-mail communications. In the case of articles and petitions, three out of four members say the frequency of mailings is “just right.” Of those who disagree, a majority actually would like to receive them more often – not less.

Most members are also comfortable with special offers for books and subscriptions, but two in five would like to receive them “less often.”

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We want more!

Nearly 400 Ceasefire.ca members indicated that they want to be notified when new articles are posted on Ceasefire.ca. You can subscribe to Ceasefire.ca by e-mail through Feedburner.

Ideas from Ceasefire.ca supporters for 2010

This is a small selection of the more than 250 ideas we received from members.

“Push for Canada out of Afghanistan. Support Taliban negotiations with Karzai Government and a regional settlement to include Iran, China, Russia, India, Pakistan. These countries do not want NATO bases in their backyard.”
— Larry

“Thank you for the awesome work you are doing. With a government working with such focus to silence any dissent, voices like yours are crucial.”
— Richard

“The more you can do through e-mail the better. It is less cumbersome for the reader, and it uses less paper.”
— Chibeze

“Like Obama’s successful fund raising I think if you asked everybody to send $5 we would do it. People are broke these days especially old age pensioners but everybody can afford $5 ….and we do all want to help!”
— Diane

“Keep Harper’s feet to the fire on democracy and the military machine that is eroding our international image as a country of peacemakers. Don’t let Harper stonewall until issues drop off the radar.”
— Kay

Thanks to everyone who participated in the survey.

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