A shift to sustainable peace and common security

DPKO USG visits TessalitEleven leading civil society organizations today publicly launched their submission to the Defence Policy Review, entitled “A Shift to Sustainable Peace and Common Security.

All members of Parliament and the Press Gallery received copies. The launch also featured an Op Ed  in the Toronto Star entitled Why UN Peacekeeping is worth the risks (Peggy Mason, 23 November 2016).

Commenting on the report,  Roy Culpeper, Chair of the Group of 78, and Peggy Mason, President of the Rideau Institute, stated:

We believe the election of Donald J. Trump to the Presidency of the United States, along with a Republican-dominated Congress, makes it imperative for Canada to articulate a clear set of guiding principles on foreign and defence policy.

Our submission recommends a “UN-centred sustainable peace and common security” framework with the UN Charter as its bedrock.

Common security puts a premium on the machinery and diplomacy of international cooperation; there is less reliance on the competitive pursuit of national security at the expense of others. It is therefore a more perfect reflection of the UN Charter provisions against the use of force and in favour of the peaceful resolution of disputes and of the equal right to security of all states.

The submission further states:

How best, then, for Canada to harness collective responses and coordinate effective solutions to global crises? We do so by making UN peacekeeping and sustainable peace a Canadian defence priority.

With the overall aim of enhancing Canadian sovereignty and security in an interdependent world, the submission provides a number of specific recommendations, including:

  • Clear criteria for Canadian military engagement abroad,
  • Improving UN rapid response mechanisms,
  • Weapons systems and international law, and
  • Leadership on nuclear abolition.

Click A Shift to Sustainable Peace and Common Security for the full report, the covering letter to Parliamentarians, and the list of signatory organizations.  Version française: Lettre et Une Transition vers la Paix Durable.

Click Why UN Peacekeeping is worth the risks (Peggy Mason, 23 November 2016) for the Toronto Star commentary.  See also: Why UN Peacekeeping is central to a Canadian Defence and Security Policy for the 21st Century.

Photo credit: UN Photo (Mali)

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