Abuses perpetrated against children on Canadian military bases in Afghanistan

Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan (Photo: Chronicle Telegraph/Silvia Pecota)

Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan (Photo: Chronicle Telegraph/Silvia Pecota)

Young boys have been the targets of sexual abuse by Afghan soldiers living on Canadian bases in Afghanistan for years now, and the Canadian military has turned a blind eye to it. There are no indications that Canadian soldiers have been directly involved, but it appears that knowledge of the abuse is commonplace. This abuse sometimes takes place in the form of rapes and other times, like on “man-love Thursdays” (as they are referred to by Canadian soldiers) the boys have sexual relations with the Afghan soldiers in exchange for money or gifts.

It is shocking that the Canadian government has stood idly by for so long while these abuses continue. Ceasefire.ca is very concerned about this situation and believes that more public attention to this issue is necessary.

Journalists, such as David Pugliese of the Ottawa Citizen, Don Martin of MacLeans and Rick Westhead of the Toronto Star, have also been following and trying to bring attention to the situation. To download a PDF of their articles about this abuse against children in Afghanistan, click here.

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