Afghanistan debate largely ignored by media.

The debate today on Afghanistan seems have been largely ignored by the Ottawa press gallery.

One can barely find a mention of it on the CTV and CBC websites, and the Globe and Mail on-line has decided that the NDP’s request for how much Harper pays his stylist deserves much greater prominence than the debate on the war.

Today our office sent the media our own commentary, which appears on this blog. Later we sent former UN Ambassador for Disarmament Peggy Mason’s suggestions for an amendment to strengthen the Liberal motion (in a manner that could be both palatable to Liberals and could possibly gain NDP support) to every Liberal and NDP member in the House. So far, it looks like the advice has not been taken up.

According to the Globe and Mail on-line story, “The motion is set to fail because the NDP says it is not tough enough. NDP Leader Jack Layton instead wants the troop withdrawal to begin immediately.”  The Canadian Peace Alliance agreed, and issued a release that pledged the group would, “campaign, lobby and protest until the troops are brought home.”

The vote will be held on Tuesday next week.


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