Alternative Federal Budget calls for reductions to military spending

The Harper government released the Federal Budget today. This “do-nothing” budget won’t make life better for Canadians.

But what would it look like if things were different?

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives released its annual “Alternative Federal Budget” (AFB) last week, which if enacted, would lift 855,000 Canadians out of poverty, reduce income inequality, boost the economy, lower unemployment to 5.4%—and still balance the budget one year later than the federal government plan.

The Defence chapter of the AFB calls for a return to pre–September 11, 2011 defence spending levels, so that $3.2 billion can be freed up to be used where we need it most – in our social programs – for the elderly, veterans, and everyday Canadians.

The Harper Government is slashing its care for veterans, closing libraries and disposing of books, shutting down primary services like Canada Post mail delivery and curbing funding of the arts and science, all in the name of austerity. Yet the government is still overspending on defence!

We need better social programs, not more tanks and military toys.

Do you agree? Share our image with your friends on Facebook, and let them know that you want more of your tax dollars going to social programs, and not to failed military procurement projects like the F-35 fighter jets.

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