Ann Straus Gertler 1922-2017

Ann Gertler 2A wonderful and impassioned voice for peace and the abolition of war and nuclear weapons has gone silent, on Earth anyway. Ann Gertler died in Montreal on April 30th.” – Debbie Grisdale

Click here for the official Montreal Gazette obituary.

Ann was passionate, utterly committed to the vision that it’s time to abolish war. Persistent, and stubborn, she made a real difference in many places, including the Voice of Women. Alive with ideas and eager to support others, she was also a good friend. Ann will long be remembered with gratitude and love.” – Phyllis Creighton

Fellow peace activist, Shirley Farlinger, wrote this portrait of Ann Gertler, back in 1987: Useful in the Third Quarter: a Profile of Ann Gertler (Peace Magazine).

 Some of the toughest questions I ever got while Canada’s Ambassador for Disarmament to the UN were from Ann Gertler.” – Peggy Mason

Organizations through which Ann Gertler worked for peace included: Canadian Voice of Women, Canadian Pugwash, Project Ploughshares and the Group of 78.

Rest in peace, Ann Gertler. We are proud to have known you.


Photo Credit: Peace Magazine

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