Call on Party Leaders to Commit to Full Public Review of Defence and Security Policy

election-2015-e-hdr Our Defence and National Security Policies are mired down in Bush era thinking that simply does not work. Instead of military invasions and air campaigns that leave chaos in their wake, we need strategies that effectively address the myriad grievances fuelling conflict and violent extremism.

We need to move away from NATO and narrowly-focused coalitions of the willing in favour of broadbased UN-led peace and security initiatives.  Similarly, we urgently need to reorient our counter-terrorism strategy to focus much less on chiefly military responses and much more on justice and good governance solutions.

Sign the petition to send a letter to the Leaders of all of the Federal Parties and to your local Member of Parliament urging them, in the lead up to the fall Federal election, to commit to undertaking this review. It is time Canada had a truly forward looking and effective Defence and Security Policy for the 21st century!