Canada Drawn Into War Over Pipeline?

June 20, 2008
Canada is being drawn into U.S.-backed plans to build a massive natural gas pipeline through the heart of war-torn Afghanistan. This incredible story was revealed Thursday in Ottawa.

I joined international energy economist John Foster and CCPA director Bruce Campbell in Parliament for the release of Foster’s report on the proposed trans-Afghanistan natural gas pipeline, published by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

In my introduction in the report, A Pipeline Through a Troubled Land: Afghanistan, Canada and the New Great Energy Game,  I wrote,

“This study is an important contribution to the public debate over Canada’s policy regarding our involvement in Afghanistan. International energy economist John Foster lays out the case that Canadians may be unwittingly dragged into the New Great Game for control of energy. It is essential that Canadians consider these issues when determining our nation’s role in Afghanistan and NATO.”

I urge you to read the report and share it with friends.


Steve Staples

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