Canada’s sordid Saudi Arms deal



"It's not like we sold the Saudis the swords for the executions... we didn't did we?"

“It’s not like we sold the Saudis the swords for the executions… we didn’t did we?”


Today the NDP will push for a vote today on their motion to establish a sub-committee of the House of Commons Foreign Affairs standing committee to specifically oversee and review Canadian military exports.

Here is the link to the blog that gives you the email addresses of the Committee members: How to let Parliament know you want better oversight of arms exports ( blog, 24 Feb 2016)

If you want more oversight of Canada’s arms trade, please email the Committee members and urge them to vote in favour of this important motion.

For a recent critique of the Saudi arms deal, see: Gormley: Dion asked, I’ve got answers: 20 problems with the Saudi arms deal(The Citizen, 18 April 2016).

And for a devastating Canadian cartoon on the deal, that we can only link to, not picture here, because of copyright, click on this:  Canada’s other assisted dying program…. (Bruce Mackinnon, editorial cartoon in Halifax Chronicle Herald, 16 April 2016).

Image credit: Jonesy (Cartoonstock)

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