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Canadians want a Torture Inquiry

Dear supporters, The news from Ottawa is shocking. Senior intelligence officer Richard Colvin repeatedly warned the government about the routine use of torture in Afghan prisons, yet the Canadian Forces continued to hand over their prisoners to brutal Afghan authorities. Stephen Harper’s Conservative government, rather than taking the charges seriously, has instead used a […]

Peace and Canadian Newscasts

To supporters, Many people have alerted me to news from the Friends of Canadian Broadcasting that could harm our ability to work for peace. Information has leaked that the CBC is considering moving The National to the much later timeslot of 11 p.m., potentially cutting its audience by a third. This would mean fewer […]

Harper’s Secret War Plans

Dear supporters, Evidence is mounting that the Harper government is quietly preparing for a major escalation of our combat role in Afghanistan, and this includes hundreds more troops and the possible deployment of Canadian CF-18 fighter bombers. We must act quickly. We are launching a major campaign to prevent this military build-up in Afghanistan, […]

Action Alert: Stop CF-18 warplanes from being deployed to Afghanistan

Action Alert httpv:// Stop CF-18 warplanes from being deployed to Afghanistan Send your letter to Stephen Harper right away. Dear supporter, As you may have heard on the news, up to 100 Afghan civilians are feared dead as a result of U.S. air strikes. Now, I am writing to alert you of a potential […]