Support for a Canadian Department of Peace

Bill Siksay speaking at a rally (Photo:

Bill Siksay speaking at a rally (Photo:

There has been a significant development in the Campaign for a Federal Department of Peace. Bill C-447 – An Act to Establish the Department of Peace – has been introduced in the House of Commons and has passed its first reading. It was tabled on September 30th by NDP MP Bill Siksay and seconded by Liberal MP Jim Karygiannis.

When introducing the Act, Bill Siksay said that the bill was “based on the model developed by the Canadian Department of Peace Initiative. This bill would establish a full, comprehensive department of peace as part of the infrastructure of the Canadian government, with its own minister, department and resources, and put peace at the centre of government rather than on the corner of a desk of another minister or other public servants.”

We would be grateful to our Ceasefire supporters if they could approach their local MP in person (or via emaill) to encourage them to express their support for Bill C-447 by sending email to Clerk of the House and seconding the Act.  Additionally, as the Act moves to subsequent readings, cross-party support will be essential if it is to eventually become legislation.

If  you would like to read Bill C-447 click here. You can also read the official transcript from the House of Commons when the Bill was first introduced.

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