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Do you know where your local candidates stand on peace and human rights issues?

At the outset of the federal election, launched a campaign to ask local candidates and parties where they stand on peace and human rights. Hundreds of users sent queries to local candidates using the Canada Votes 2008 online action system. See the candidates’ replies, as compiled by users. If you have received […]

Harper Hid the Cost of Afghan War

As you may have seen from reports in yesterday and today’s morning newspapers, the cost of the war in Afghanistan will reach $18 billion by the end of 2011, according to a new report released by the Parliamentary Budget Office. (more…)

War in Afghanistan to cost Government $20.7 billion, UN Peacekeeping abandoned: Rideau Institute Report

The Rideau Institute released a report this week that examines the full cost of Canada’s war in Afghanistan, raising important new questions about the government’s ability to afford the mission with an economic recession looming, and highlighting the corresponding abandonment of Canadian participation in UN peacekeeping efforts. (more…)

They even have a word for it.

The word is bacha bazi, which means “boy play.” In Afghanistan, it is the sexual abuse and rape of young boys, it is widespread, and a United Nations official described like this: “What I found was nobody talks about it; everyone says ‘Well, you know, it’s been there for 1,000 years so why do we want to […]