Ceasefire.ca launches new postcard campaign on Afghanistan

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You may not be reading about it on the front pages of our newspapers, but here in Ottawa it is evident that a campaign is afoot to extend Canada’s war-fighting role in Afghanistan beyond the current end date of December 2011.

That’s why we have printed 5,000 copies of this postcard addressed to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, urging him not to deploy CF-18 fighter bombers to Afghanistan and, instead, to end the war through peaceful means and bring troops home as soon as possible.

You can help the campaign by distributing a pack of the postcards to your friends, colleagues and family members.

Fill in this coupon and we will mail you a campaign pack of 10 postcards.

We need every ounce of energy to work to end Canada’s war in Afghanistan. Both Stephen Harper and Michael Ignatieff have supported the war, creating a powerful, pro-militarist bloc in Parliament.

In fact, the political agendas of both the Conservatives and the Liberals are moving closer together everyday. As respected Toronto Star columnist Chantal Hébert wrote recently, “The Liberals and the Conservatives jointly wrote the current marching orders of the Afghan mission. Their Canada-U.S. agenda has never been as similar.”

Equally alarming is the growing power of the “big business” side of the Liberal Party. Former Deputy Prime Minister John Manley has replaced Tom d’Aquino as the head of the powerful lobby group, the Canadian Council of Chief Executives.

John Manley is the former Liberal Cabinet minister who presided over the disastrous integration of Canadian and U.S. security rules after 9/11, and led Stephen Harper’s panel on Afghanistan, which helped the government extend the war once again.

We need to pull together. Our Ceasefire.ca network of Canadians who want our country to be a peace leader is growing stronger every day. Ceasefire.ca now emails to 20,000 contacts, and in the last six months more than 500 people have donated to the campaign for the very first time.

I hope that you will become a Ceasefire.ca volunteer organizer and distribute a pack of campaign postcards to help end Canada’s war in Afghanistan.

Thanks for every act you can take to make Canada a peace leader once again.

In peace,

Steven Staples, Ceasefire.ca

P.S. Please make your donation to Ceasefire.ca’s campaign to end Canada’s war in Afghanistan. If you have already made a gift recently, please accept our thanks.

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