Challenging Canada's involvement in Libya: News coverage on cost estimates and questions for Parliament

As the House of Commons debated extending Canada’s military presence in Libya this week, the Rideau Institute garnered media attention by calling for clarity in the purpose and methods of the mission, and by providing an alternative estimate of the cost of the war that suggests the Conservative government may be low-balling its eventual cost.

Key media coverage included:

Jane Taber, “Is the tally for extending the Libya mission ‘substantially underestimated?,” Globe and Mail, 14 June 2011

Barbara Yaffe, “Questions raised about Libyan mission as MPs vote to extend it in September,” Vancouver Sun, 15 June 2011

Dave Pugliese, “10 Questions about Libya ,” Defence Watch Blog, Ottawa Citizen, 13 June 2011

Tobi Cohen, “Cost of Libya mission underestimated, says think tank,” Postmedia News, 14 June 2011

Charlie Smith, “Ottawa think tank says Defence Minister Peter Mackay lowballed cost of military mission to Libya,” Georgia Straight, 14 June 2011

Steven Staples was also interviewed on the right-leaning SunNews TV channel by Ezra Levant, who also expressed disapproval of the extension.

A number of other articles and media pieces questioning the role Canada will have in Libya and dissenting against the extension of the mission have also come out recently. Many articles are seeking clarity and answers on Canada’s plans for the war in Libya. 

Tim Harper asks for an explanation of the mission from the Prime Minister, and Jeffrey Simpson offers a scathing critique of Canada’s plans in the war, commenting on the lack of foresight or exist strategy.  Simpson notes that “we have unleashed air power that eventually, one presumes, will replace the existing regime with another, without any idea of what will come next, and no willingness to help shape it.

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