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  1. Ian TurnbullApril 15, 2010 at 2:24 pm #

    Dear Steven Staples,

    I have been following the postings of Ceasefire for some time and would like to express my appreciation for the concerned and informative articles that come by email post from this site.

    The idea of the moment, to write to Prime Minister Stephen Harper about a new treaty on the weapons issue moves me to write a fairly substantial letter on this whole subject to you.
    While I share the general concern for the weapons issue, I have come to see that there is an ‘other’ perception of nuclear power and the Atomic World that I believe deserves our attention. It offers insight into the whole nature of the particle world and with that, opens a door for us to consider how else we might perceive the nuclear weapons, and respond to their existence.

    Nuclear fission is the great teacher in this respect. I commend to you a sequence of photographs, made by the French military when they were testing a nuclear device in the South Pacific, which show in exquisite detail the two different kinds of energy that are released out of matter by fission.

    The one is clearly masculine in its strength and appearance and behaviour, while the other is typically feminine in character, and again, in behaviour.

    This first glimpse of familiar forms of energy emerging from the Atomic World illuminates as never before the profound nature of our Universe: though this goes unnoticed by our nuclear physics.

    The photographs allow us to see that nuclear fission is in effect the story of the loving relationship between these two fundamental forms of energy.
    In the need to switch our thinking, I’d say that we might usefully look and see that the power of a nuclear weapon derives from an enormous metaphysical act of sexual congress.

    I had to keep pinching myself when I first saw the reality of this event.
    My Western mind, with its enormous respect for physics, was suddenly asked to see and consider that there is a far more social and spiritual event being played out inside of this phenomena we know as nuclear fission.

    I can not easily post the photographs here, in the text of this email. They have been around for quite some time on the Web. Because they have become separated from each other, we have not realised the fairly obvious story and process going on in the background, behind the alarms and excursions of catastrophic fission.

    I’ve assembled the photographs, along with a commentary, in a file marked “Romeo and Juliet, in the Atomic World”, and the file is stored on a web site I’ve developed around this whole subject. Try
    I need to say, the web site is very much homemade, far from perfect or complete. But I’m pleased to have started an account of nuclear processes which highlights the universal nature of nuclear energy. The same forces we observe in the atoms are clearly here in us, in our human experience of being in relationship with others, and the cause too of so much of our behaviour.

    Another factor to take on board revolves around the fact that this “love story” being played out between the main proponents is complete in two or three seconds. This is another reason why we have not immediately recognised what’s going on in this situation.
    We clearly have to adjust our thinking to accommodate the intensely compressed space-time that is in the Atomic World, relative to our own measure of this quality. The play of forces that we think lasts for all of three seconds occupies several hours in the equivalent space-time of the particles.

    Above all, it feels timely that we consider how we are working in another whole world. In another dimension. A place where space-time has a very different magnitude, but the similarity of behaviour with ourselves is truly remarkable.

    For me, this is the key to the whole awkward nuclear situation we find ourselves in. The evidence is clearly here in our nuclear work, of the particle world being as another living dimension, in our shared Universe.

    Atoms are in essence the family and community structures of this smaller world. The same ‘four interactive forces’ that describe all the behaviour of the particles, can be felt here, in our family and community systems.

    The visual manifestation of masculine and feminine ‘bodies’ of energy in the aftermath of fission are like ghosts, formed in my reckoning as a collective expression of all the individuated energy released out of the parental nucleus of the uranium atoms dismembered by the insidious fission process.

    You may find this a bizarre language and description of our nuclear work, but I believe it essential that we begin to look and think along this subjective and metaphysical plane of understanding if we are ever to make inroads on the weapons issue.

    I am looking around for a way to engage others who are concerned with the nuclear issues, to examine this acting out of a very personal and familiar event.
    ‘Romeo and Juliet in the Atomic World’ is an excellent parable for the parallel nature of loving processes that must go on all the time in our respective dimensions. We catch a glimpse this time of a universal relationship going wrong. Okay. We created this. We are responsible for the painful outcome. But still, the major learning that is on offer, is around the parallel, universal nature of the social forces in the different dimensions of our common Universe.

    How strange to find that it is nuclear fission itself which highlights the symmetrical and sentient and intelligent nature of our Universe, more than we have so far cared or dared to consider.
    Instead of investing so much of our creative imagination in worst-case weapons scenarios, I think we can usefully provide space for the wider and deeper setting of all our nuclear work to emerge and be recognised.


    If we can come to understand that there are two ways of seeing the Atomic World, its’ physics and its’ metaphysics, and that they are equal in value, then we have the wherewithal to create the holograms which in turn allow us to see the holographic nature of our Universe.

    It’s not difficult. It’s not a cult thing. We are there already in many other areas. Our nuclear physics is more entrenched and opaque. And yet, it is full of knowledge about the the forces that make for strong families and rich community life.

    This is an holographic Universe. A Family Universe. A Universe of family systems. ‘As above, so below’, is how the ancients knew it. Why are we so determined not to see the social and spiritual nature of the particles, I wonder. Is that our human pride at work ?

    It does need moments of humility and history to see that we are caught up in a repetition of something like Columbus’s voyage and story. Whereas he crossed the ocean blue and found a new world beyond the horizon, we’ve discovered another world that is somehow below and inside of where we are.

    It is an act of imagination to shrink ourselves down and into the particle world and see how very familiar their lives are to ours. I mean – in energetic terms.
    In the analogous story of Gulliver’s Travels, Gulliver didn’t have to engage his imagination because he could see the Lilliput folk. In our turn, we have the findings of nuclear physics to guide us, as well as some visual effects, and an whole range of emotional data that emanates from our nuclear work and is waiting to be properly experienced and identified.

    A creative approach is to think how we are in effect colonists in the Atomic World. We have been voyageurs for a good while, getting to know the layout and resources of the particle nations. Now we are there as traders, being engaged in exploiting the social wealth of the natives of this newly-entered landscape.

    If women would only come and look with their own eyes at what we men have discovered, I think we’d soon come to a more sensible and complete understanding of what we are about.
    Yes, if we can just button down our male pride and be curious about the domestic nature of the particles, that might be enough to bring the wholeness of this smaller dimension into focus.
    We’ve been in this situation before. Perhaps not personally, but certainly in historical and societal terms.

    Of course our rational brain will be in reaction. We are so conditioned and addicted to the purely physical account of the particle world. It’s not easy to change direction, especially for those already with rank and authority in the nuclear industry and military.

    On the other hand, the rewards of seeing the holographic shape of our Universe is that we can explore the distinct possibility that we humans have the leverage of friendship, of collective spiritual processes, that might allow us to influence events in the Atomic World.

    I sense that we are moving inexorably towards this holistic perception of nuclear power, simply as a consequence of society changing and women’s values and insights becoming an integral part of our collective awareness.


    Canada is in a more favourable place than many to look cleanly into the Atomic World. The technical knowledge is useful and a possible hindrance, but not owning any weapons is a godsend. We are not caught in the relentless trap sprung on the armed nuclear nations, of being stubborn and blind and deaf to argument about disarming.
    Like people with guns, the weapons seem to take a hold on the mind of their owner.

    Canada has its’ own instinctive and cultured way of being in the World. Which I like to believe can filter down to contemplating a social and spiritual perception of the Atomic World.
    This whole inquiry started for me when I was working in the Canadian bush as a geologist exploring for uranium, which is why I am pleased to be sharing these insights with you and the Ceasefire group.

    The politicians especially need to hear that there are other options that deserve investigating.

    I’ve posted a similar account to the Nuclear Waste Management Organisation in Toronto. The waste issue, it seems to me, is the first place we can expect to develop (and verify) the potential for a relationship or communication between Humanity and the particle world, that could possibly ‘heal the atom’.

    The concern with the weapons issue also take us away from seeing the invasive and imperial and imperious nature of our relationship and work in the Atomic World. We have created a whole new invisible kind of slavery, though it’s not hidden from view so much as hidden from our awareness.

    Nuclear reactors are like prison camps. They look like prison camps, they work like concentration-camps, with forced labour going on day and night. We praise them for being carbon-neutral or economically sensible rather than hearing and being alert to the enormous pain that is continually welling up into our dimension through their portals.

    We are in such a strange predicament. There’s no going back. No way to undo our technical knowledge. The only way out I can see is to go in deeper. I think that will call upon our creativity and spiritual resources.

    It is easier to speak against the weapons, to write to the Prime Minister or the President, lobby others, sign petitions. The harder part is to look and see for ourselves the universal nature of nuclear energy. The same forces are in us. Okay, where do we go now with this insight ?
    Here’s work for the future. It certainly looks like there’s another big adventure for the human spirit coming up on the horizon. Simply recognising the elements of a love story being at the heart of nuclear fission feels like a good way for us to get involved again. And we’ll find out where to go by being here and working at it together.

    Thanks for the space to contribute these thoughts, and good wishes for all your endeavours.

    Ian Turnbull

    Findhorn, Scotland.