Gadhafi killed in Sirte; UN Human Rights Council investigation "likely"

Libyan NTC Fighters (photo courtesy of Flickr)

The U.N. Human Right Council is “likely” to investigate the death of former Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi, who was killed by Libyan National Transitional Council fighters on October 20th. 

While the circumstances around the former dictator’s death are still being verified, what is known is that Gadhafi was attempting to escape Sirte in a large convoy, when the convoy was halted by NATO airstrikes.  Afterward, the convoy was engaged in a firefight with NTC fighters, at which time, according to Prime Minister Mahmoud Jibril, Gadhafi was caught in a crossfire and killed. Video from the scene, however, suggests that he was killed after his capture by NTC fighters. With the taking of Sirte and the deposing of Gadhafi, the NTC has formally declared Libya liberated.

The United Nations Human Rights Council has called for Gadhafi’s death to be investigated.  According to the international body, the independent panel on abuses in Libya will “likely” examine the circumstances surrounding his death, citing questions over whether he was killed in combat or executed.

Meanwhile, NATO governments met on the morning of Friday, October 21st to discuss an end to the seven-month air campaign in Libya. Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said afterwards that NATO had taken a preliminary decision to end the Libya campaign on October 31st. “We will terminate our mission in co-ordination with the United Nations and the National Transitional Council… that moment has now moved much closer.”

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