In gratitude and peace: A holiday message

holidays-slider-1-2Warmest holiday greetings to our fantastic community!

The Rideau Institute offices will close for the holidays at noon on Friday, 23 December, re-opening on Tuesday, 3 January 2017. However, our fabulous office manager, Sarah Bowles, will check in occasionally to make sure urgent matters do not go unattended.

There will be no new blog posts before our annual survey launch, hopefully on January 1st, 2017. We will continue to post on Facebook and Twitter, albeit at a reduced pace.  (Zzzzzz)

2017 promises to be an incredibly eventful year. Hugely important reviews—of Defence Policy, National Security, International Development, and Election Reform—were undertaken in 2016 and now the government must provide its policy responses to each one.   We will be there when they do, providing insightful analysis and timely opportunities for you to have your say.

We could not do it without your support. Thank you!

It is a tremendous privilege to be able to work with our dedicated, creative team and all of you on issues ranging from the arms trade and nuclear disarmament to conflict resolution and strengthening international law.

Our aim is always to provide both solid information and practical options for building sustainable global peace.

All the best for 2017.

In gratitude and peace,


President of the Rideau Institute


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