June 2nd is Nuclear Abolition Day!


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June 2nd is Nuclear Abolition Day, an annual global day of action for a treaty
to ban all nuclear weapons. This year, Ceasefire.ca is teaming up with ICAN
(International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons) to petition the Harper
government to work towards a treaty that will ban all nuclear weapons.


Did you know that it takes only 10 seconds for the fireball of one nuclear bomb
to reach its full size, killing hundreds of thousands within minutes? Thousands
more will die soon after from radiation, before doctors or relief agency will
be able to help.

It also takes only 10 seconds to send your letter to Harper to say “Abolish
Nuclear Weapons!”

Sign up and we will send you a reminder on June 2 to send your letter to
Stephen Harper.

Watch the video below, and share it with your friends.

Let’s do all we can to abolish nuclear weapons!

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