Military Spies Then Denies Secret Surveillance of Peace Work

July 27, 2007

Ottawa Citizen front page news, “Military tried to cover up file on outspoken critic.”

Dear supporter,

Right now I am writing a letter to Defence Minister Gordon O’Connor demanding to know why the military has been spying on me.

But first I want to let you know what is going on.

As you may have read in the newspapers recently, the military has been conducting secret surveillance of my work for peace.

The Ottawa Citizen has proof that the military sent someone secretly to attend a presentation I gave at Dalhousie University last year and to prepare a report for the military generals. The article is reproduced below.

But when asked about this by a reporter, the military denied that they had sent anyone to my lecture.

Why did the military try to hide it?

Because they were trying to influence public opinion — something that the military should never do in a democracy!

According to the secret report that we have obtained, the military was working on a plan to “remind Canadians why we continue to be involved in Afghanistan,” and the surveillance on me was needed to help the generals to be “better prepared to meet” my arguments.

You see, many generals are threatened by the idea that Canada should support UN peacekeeping and reject the disastrous American policies.

That’s why they are so worried about peace advocates like you and me.

Now that the story has broken, some e-mails written by soldiers are circulating on the Internet calling me a “traitor” and saying that I should be put in jail for “not supporting the troops” — and much, much worse.

You know, I think all this is happening because we are winning. The public is becoming disillusioned with the war-fighting that is claiming so many lives. They are getting tired of Stephen Harper too, and they think that he and the generals have made a huge mistake by getting us so tangled up in Bush’s war in the Middle East.

Unfortunately, our last financial appeal to support our peace work has not reached its target yet. But I am encouraged by the many warm and encouraging comments that our supporters have been leaving on our Donor Comments page. I will keep you informed about this issue, and how Defence Minister O’Connor responds to my letter.


Steven Staples

Rideau Institute
and founder of

Here is the Ottawa Citizen article from July 13, 2007.

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