More surveillance of revealed

Last week we received national media attention on the disastrous F-35 stealth fighter program, and it’s much clearer to me now that the Harper government is very worried about our campaign.

Yesterday I was contacted by a reporter who told me that he has discovered that the military has been attending our events in Ottawa, and then helping Conservative MPs, like Laurie Hawn, attack us because we are critics of the F-35. What a disgrace!

According to a story today by Postmedia reporter Lee Berthiaume about the government’s media efforts to promote the F-35:

Documents obtained by Postmedia News show that part of this has included a determined effort to track coverage and criticisms of the program .  . .

The reports also contain some specific blog posts about the F-35, with usernames and comments clearly identified.

National Defence also sent someone to attend and report on a discussion about the F-35 hosted by the left-leaning Rideau Institute featuring U.S. security analyst Winslow Wheeler in April 2011.

This important event by Winslow Wheeler, which won incredible media coverage critical of the F-35, was made possible by your generous donations. Your support has got the Harper government worried!

If you support this campaign to stop Harper’s F-35 warplanes, please consider chipping in for a special one-time gift of $7, or even $7 once each month.

We are expecting the cost of the F-35 program to hit the media once again this week. We’ll use your donation to make sure we are ready.

Thanks for your support, and everything you do for peace.

In peace,

Steven Staples,



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