Sign up to Be Heard on March 3rd

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The Harper government plans to spend $1 billion for a new fleet of attack drones for Canada. Do you trust armed drones in the hands of Stephen Harper?

It’s up to us stop Harper, and there’s an easy way you can do that right now.

On Sunday, March 3rd, thousands of Canadians will send letters to Prime Minister Harper and their local MP demanding that the government does not buy a fleet of attack drones.

When you sign up on, and you will be sent an alert on March 3rd to make your voice heard: “No attack drones!”

In the meantime, will you share this graphic on Facebook to help send 10,000 messages to Stephen Harper?


The media is ignoring the story, but we can inform Canadians ourselves about what is going on.

We’re going to stop these attack drones, I’m sure of it. We just have to keep working hard.