Nuclear Abolition Week in Canada

Despite a growing recognition that nuclear weapons are unusable weapons with no practical utility in today’s global security environment, the number of the existing nuclear warheads continues to represent an unacceptable global humanitarian threat.

During Nuclear Abolition Week (from 6-13 July), humanitarian, environmental and peace organisations, under the flag of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN), are taking to the streets in a concerted effort to demand the start of a process to ban nuclear weapons. is organizing a petition drive in support of a nuclear weapons ban, in celebration of Nuclear Abolition Week. Over 60 volunteer campaigners are out in cities and towns across Canada collecting signatures, and requesting that their MPs and provincial representatives be a part of a global Parliamentary Appeal for a Nuclear Weapons Ban. volunteer campaigners will continue to work on the campaign in support of a ban throughout the summer.

Would you like to get involved? Sign up to be a volunteer campaigner!

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