Our annual 2011 Ceasefire.ca member survey results are in!

Continued satisfaction and support among Ceasefire.ca members!

A new year and members remain fond of e-mail communications involving articles, and petitions. We are extremely pleased that nearly 83% of members stated that the frequency of the correspondence is “just right.” More than half of members remain satisfied with receiving special offers for books and magazines, but nearly two in five would like to receive them “less often.”

Moreover, supporters continue to want more notifications regarding e-mail petitions and other such action alerts. In order to be notified when new articles are posted on Ceasefire.ca we encourage members and non-members to subscribe by e-mail through FeedBurner.

Thoughts and ideas from Ceasefire.ca members for 2011

We are thrilled at the passion and dedication of our members and their commitment to supporting our endeavours. Numerous members have proposed several ideas that they would like to see addressed in 2011.

2011 Ceasefire.ca Members Wish list:

Continue to fight against the government’s planned F-35 purchase;

The fighter jet issue must be front and center — the costs are obscene. We have to stand up to the world war machine finally and forever. Steve – your work is crucial and I’m proud to continue my support in 2011 -Karen Craine

Try to change the direction of Canada’s involvement in Afghanistan. Focus on military spending, and disarmament;

It is extremely important that you keep up the fight to reduce Canada’s military spending. Thank you for your courage and the fight for what really matters to at least a few Canadians like myself. – Nina H. Thompson

Focus on getting answers regarding Canada’s Military-Industrial Complex; and

Who are these Canadian companies? In what ways do our governments help them? What scrutiny is there on such activities? – Bill Johnstone

Continue working on bringing back Canada’s peacekeeping and humanitarian role on the international stage.

View more detailed Ceasefire.ca 2011 thoughts and ideas here.

We look forward to an enthusiastic year filled with changes and tangible results.

Thank you to all who participated in the survey.

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