Peggy Mason, new President of the Rideau Institute


Dear supporter,

Harper’s pro-war lobby had better watch out, because things are going to get a lot more difficult for them. That’s because the Rideau Institute,’s parent organization, has a new president.

Her name is Peggy Mason, and she is undeniably one of the most accomplished peace and disarmament experts in Canada. I want to tell you more about her, and why I am so excited.

We have so much work ahead of us to stop Harper’s pro-war lobby, and we need to get ready for the next election in 2015. But unfortunately our last appeal is still $5,000 short of its goal.

Will you help me boost our urgent campaign funds so that Peggy Mason can take on Harper, and chip in $3 each week to stop Harper’s pro-war lobby?

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I am just delighted that Peggy, who is a very close friend of mine, is taking over the reins of the Rideau Institute. She is Canada’s former United Nations Ambassador for Disarmament, an accomplished lawyer, and a strong advocate for women in politics.

She brings effective new political strategies and unparalleled experience to our organization. Let me share with you a note I received from her the other day, so you can read her own words.



FROM: Peggy Mason []
SUBJECT: Priorities

Dear Steve,

I am looking forward to taking up the great work you and your team have been doing for the past 8  years at the Rideau Institute. My first few days in the office have been incredibly busy.

Already I have:

  • Met with Members of Parliament
  • Spoken on national television
  • Consulted our team and other peace groups

Steve, back in the 1980s when I worked with External Affairs Minister Joe Clark, Canada said “no thanks” to Ronald Reagan’s “Star Wars” missile defence program.

Then in 2005, working with you, the amazing community and others, we convinced the Martin government to reject George W. Bush’s missile defence scheme.

Now, I think that Harper may try to integrate Canada with the U.S.’s missile defence forces once again. Stopping this will be a big priority for us in the coming year.

I am so glad that you are staying on with the Rideau Institute and to help us raise money and reach out to Canadians for this campaign ahead.

Please pass on my deepest appreciation to every person and family in our community for everything they have been doing for peace.

Best wishes,


P.S. Steve, don’t forget to share my new email address with our supporters: I want to hear their ideas on how we can make Canada a global leader for peace.



Reading Peggy’s note you can see why I am so excited about her becoming President of the Rideau Institute.

Let me share what others are saying about Peggy Mason.

The other day I was telling a news reporter that Peggy Mason was our new President. The veteran journalist remarked on how difficult it will be for the Harper government to dismiss her, given her years of experience.

Wow – this really encourages me.

But I am worried that at the very moment when Peggy Mason is being welcomed into her new role, our campaign coffers are running lower than expected.

Please join me in showing that we all are ready to make the commitment to stop Harper’s F-35 and missile defence war plans. Can you chip in $3 each week to the campaign?

Chip in $3 each week

I founded the Rideau Institute eight years ago, back in 2006 (the same year that Harper’s Conservatives formed government), and now I will continue as a volunteer Board member and will be focusing on fundraising and outreach efforts, and staying in touch our awesome community.

Please join me in welcoming Peggy Mason as the next President of the Rideau Institute.

In peace,

Steven Staples

Steven Staples co-founder

P.S. Let’s give Peggy Mason our full support! Please chip in $3 each week to help her challenge Harper’s pro-war lobby through our secure server. Make your donation through

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