Please Help Stop the Sell-off of the CANADARM and RADARSAT-2 to a U.S. Space Weapons Corporation

UPDATE: Last week the government listened to Canadians like you and took the first step to block the Canadarm and Radarsat-2 sell-off.

That’s why I need your help – to keep ATK out of Canada, and to keep control of our world class space program.Should Canada’s environmental satellite be used for space weapons?


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Canada’s top scientific and environmental space science programs, the CANADARM and the remarkable RADARSAT-2 satellite, are being sold off to a U.S. weapons corporation.

The American corporation builds space and nuclear weapons systems, landmines, cluster bombs, depleted uranium weapons and Pentagon “black budget” programs.

RADARSAT-2 is a satellite designed to monitor climate change and Arctic sovereignty, but now it could be used for U.S. American space weapons programs. Please make your contribution to stop this from happening

In the 1990s the federal government made a terrible mistake by privatizing much of our space program. Now, MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates (MDA) intends to sell off RADARSAT-2, the CANADARM, and other programs to Alliant Techsystems (ATK).

But the sale needs to be approved by the government. According to reports, the approval could be given before March 22 – if we do not act quickly.

We are launching an emergency action campaign and fund to stop the sale of RADARSAT-2 and CANADARM to ATK, and I need your help. In the coming days and weeks we will:

   • Lobby MPs to stop the sale of the CANADARM and RADARSAT-2 to ATK
   • Launch a media blitz to let Canadians know what is happening
   • Use legal challenges to try to block the sale 
   • Build a coalition of scientists, experts, labour leaders, diplomats and activists 

Thank you for your support.
Steve Staples
Rideau Institute and founder of