Please sign: Stop Canadian arms shipments to Saudi Arabia

The horrific political assassination of Washington Post journalist and Saudi national Jamal Khashoggi – almost certainly on the orders of Crown Prince and de factor ruler of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman – has shone a much-needed global light on the shocking conduct of one of the world’s most repressive regimes.

Sweden, Norway, Belgium and Finland had already suspended arms shipments to Saudi Arabia because of that country’s ongoing war crimes in Yemen, where 14 million people are now at risk of famine. Germany became the latest to do so in the wake of the monstrous Khashoggi murder and is calling on other countries to follow its example.

What of Canada?

We can make a real difference. Stopping our military exports will impede Saudi Arabia’s military capacity to continue to wreak havoc in Yemen. It would also be a powerful, tangible, positive demonstration of support for human rights and the rule of law, at a time when they are under global attack.

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Photo credit: General Dynamics Land Systems Canada (Product Overview)

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