Promote peace and stop paying for war with Conscience Canada


Dear supporter,

I believe that peace groups need to work together, so I want to introduce you to a group I have admired for many years:


Watch their new video about how your tax dollars are used for war, and sign up for their campaign.

Conscience Canada is a group of people who want to know that all the funds that we, as citizens, turn over to government will be used only for peaceful
purposes. I am concerned about this too.

When I spoke to the Members of Parliament at the Standing Committee on National Defence recently, I pointed out that the Department of National Defence now accounts for 7.9% of total federal government spending.

But when you just look at federal departmental spending, the military consumes one out of every four available dollars!

Just think what we could do with even a small portion of those dollars. Better health care, job training, accessible education, more public transit and advances in renewable energy.

Instead, we get over-priced stealth fighters, broken submarines, and Harper’s ministers using military helicopters as their personal limousines.

Join me and Conscience Canada in working to promote peace, and stop paying for war. Sign up for their campaign.

Thanks for everything you do for peace.

Steven Staples,

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