Leger & Dorn: Re-engage in peacekeeping

Canada’s role on the international stage is in urgent need of clear direction. Dominic Leger and Walter Dorn argue that the time has come for Canada to re-engage in UN peacekeeping (Dominic Leger & Walter Dorn, “It’s time to keep the peace again,” National Post, 3 June 2011):

Peacekeeping is a key tool in maintaining international order and it is also part of Canada’s values — helping the less fortunate in war-torn regions of the world to find peace and a better life.

In recent years, United Nations peace operations have proved to be successful in restoring peace and stability around the globe. With over 65 field missions in all parts of the world under its belt, the UN has acquired expertise, both civilian and military, that is second to none….

Until the late 1990s, Canada had provided hundreds of troops and worked very hard to make UN peacekeeping an effective tool for peace and stability. Canada gained considerable influence and respect on the world stage by doing so. It made sense for Canada’s interests as a middle power back then and it still does today. Despite the recent collapse of Canada’s contribution to UN peacekeeping, Canadian public opinion continues to support peacekeeping as a primary role for the Canadian Forces.

In today’s interconnected world, Canada’s interests as a trading nation and middle power are best served by working toward a stable and peaceful world. United Nations peacekeeping remains one of the best tools to achieve that.

UN photo/Olivier Chassot

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