Reaction to Natynczyk as Canada’s new Chief of Defence Staff

Steven Staples of the Rideau Institute on the appointment of Lt.-Gen. Walter Natynczyk as Canada’s new Chief of Defence Staff:

Comparisons to Hillier:

“Prime Minister Harper should be looking for a CDS with a new style, and new ideas. But it was no secret that General Natynchuk was General Hiller’s preferred candidate to take over the job. The concern is that Natynczyk may have difficulty separating himself from Hillier.”

“General Walter Natynczyk will not be able to avoid comparisons to his high-profile predecessor, and former boss, General Rick Hillier. Natynczyk will have to show that he is bringing his own ideas and approach to the job.”

Charting a new course on Afghanistan:

“Hiller got Canada into the war in Kandahar, now it will be Natynczyk’s job to get Canada out by 2011.”

“The security situation is getting worse, the region is being flooded with U.S. troops, and under his watch, Canada’s fatalities will likely pass 100 deaths.”

“Natynczyk’s past role with U.S. troops in Iraq raises concerns that he will bring a U.S. war-fighting approach to Afghanistan.”

“The reality is that General Natynczyk will have to chart a new course for Canada in Kandahar that will involve making hard choices to bring the war to an end.”


Steven Staples

President of the Rideau Institute

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