What remains unlearned from the First World War


Roy Culpepper of the Group of 78 discusses the unlearned lessons of the First World War (“What remains unlearned from the First World War,” Embassy, 26 August 2014):

Much has been said, in this centenary year, about the First World War.…

Can there be anything left to say? Actually, there is, particularly since we need to learn more from the First World War, a senseless conflict that was almost guaranteed to end in stalemate. Yet it killed over nine million and injured more than 22 million.…

Hence, it is certainly worth learning more from the First World War and its legacy—about how senseless armed conflict can be prevented, how to strengthen the tools of diplomacy and peacebuilding, how to inhibit the competition for ever more destructive and costly weapons and how to reduce stockpiles of such weapons.

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Photo credit: Embassy photo/Kristen Shane

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