Should Canada extend Libya mission?

Last week the Conservative government let it be known that it intends to extend Canada’s military mission in Libya (Jordan Press, “Critics say future of Libyan mission requires clarity to avoid another Afghanistan,” Postmedia News, 1 June 2011):

The federal government indicated Wednesday it will extend Canada’s mission in Libya, following a NATO decision to extend its bombing operations in the north African country.

The fact the Conservatives support extending the mission may guarantee Canada stays in the war zone until September, the revised end date NATO set for its mission.

But what exactly is that mission? Is it to prevent the killing of civilians by forces loyal to Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi? Is it to prevent killings of civilians by either side? Is it to overthrow Gadhafi, as the Parliamentary Secretary to the Foreign Affairs Minister recently suggested (Laura Payton, “Libya mission to last until Gadhafi gone, MP says,” CBC News, 2 June 2011)?

Should Canada be there at all?

The Conservatives have promised that Parliament will debate extension of the mission later this month, but with the Prime Minister in favour of continued Canadian participation the decision is a foregone conclusion. wants to know what you think Canada should be doing in Libya.

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