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NATO approves "new" Strategic Concept

NATO leaders approved a new Strategic Concept document at their Lisbon summit meeting on Friday. The document lays out NATO’s vision of its role in the world, the Alliance’s goals, and how Alliance members intend to pursue those goals. Among other elements, it also spells out the fundamental tenets of NATO’s nuclear weapons policy. On […]

Canada backs NATO missile defence

The Harper government has pledged its support for a proposed NATO missile defence system for Europe (Juliet O’Neill, “Canada backs European missile defence program,” Postmedia News, 20 October 2010): The Conservative government says it supports a European ballistic missile defence system proposed for approval by Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the other NATO leaders at […]

Situation in Afghanistan improves; Taliban desperate

2010 “‘After a difficult year in 2009, we now see a new momentum in 2010 and it has already started,’ [NATO Secretary-General Anders] Fogh Rasmussen said Friday.” (Slobodan Lekic, “NATO Chief: Situation improving in Afghanistan after tough year,” Canadian Press, 5 February 2010) 2009 “The insurgents are desperate and they are employing desperate tactics.” Brigadier […]

NATO Chief Wants Canada to Extend Afghan Mission

As domestic support for the withdrawal of Canadian troops from Afghanistan grows, the government is facing new calls for a renewed commitment.  Anders Fogh Rasmussen, NATO’s newly installed Secretary-General, made the plea on Thursday for Canada to maintain its military presence in the central Asian nation past 2011.  Despite reassurances he is “not going to […]