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Experts agree: Peacekeeping is alive!

Four years ago, David Bercuson, Director of the DND-funded Centre for Military and Strategic Studies, declared that UN peacekeeping was dead: As far as UN-led operations,… there just aren’t any left in the world today and you ought to really know that. These old Blue Helmet operations which our army stopped doing back in the […]

Canadians see climate change as greater threat than terrorism

According to a recent poll, Canadians are much more likely to view climate change as a “critical threat” to Canada’s “vital interests” than international terrorism. Commissioned by the Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute (CDFAI) and conducted by the Innovative Research Group Inc., the poll found that 49% of Canadians believe climate change to be […]

Moens warns of "existentialist" threat

Simon Fraser University professor Alexander Moens warns in a new paper published by the Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute that Canada and its NATO allies face an “existentialist threat”. But, no, the problem apparently is not that Jean-Paul Sartre or one of the other existentialists has risen from the grave. What Moens is actually […]

Dinosaur Jack Granatstein gets it wrong again

What does military historian Jack Granatstein add to the public debate in Canada? Does it ever amount to much more than grumpy rants infused with personal attacks and innuendo? Since January 2008, the National Post has carried six op-eds from Mr. Granatstein. Not to be outdone, The Globe and Mail has carried 14 over the […]