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Afraid to pull the trigger on ATT

Small arms

The United States signed the Arms Trade Treaty last week, raising the total number of signatures to 107. Unfortunately, Canada remains one of the shrinking number of countries that have failed to sign the treaty. Months after Canada voted in favour of the treaty at the UN General Assembly, the Harper government remains reluctant to […]

Canada potential spoiler in firearms treaty

As Ceasefire reported a few months ago, the Harper government’s firearms ideology may be standing in the way of progress on an international Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). The ATT is a proposed multilateral treaty aimed at controlling the international trade in conventional firearms. The treaty is currently being planned in a series of preparatory committees, […]

London Conference "welcomes" negotiations with Taliban

On January 28th, the London Conference convened to discuss the future of Afghanistan. The two main initiatives discussed by the more than 60 foreign ministers in attendance were a proposal for the gradual transfer of security responsibility to Afghanistan and, more controversially, an Afghan government plan to open negotiations with “moderate” elements of the Taliban. […]