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Mental health and the military

What has killed the most U.S. military personnel during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars? Surprisingly, the answer is suicide. That disturbing statistic could also be true for Canadian soldiers participating in the Afghanistan war, but we just don’t know. Testifying to a forum on the problems faced by Canadian veterans that was organized by Liberal […]

Harper on Canada's role in Afghanistan post-2011

In an interview with the Canwest News Service a few days ago, Prime Minister Stephen Harper made some of his most definitive statements to date on the future of the Canadian presence in Afghanistan. He pledged that Canada would continue to maintain humanitarian and development missions in the country but stated that “we will not […]

Abuses perpetrated against children on Canadian military bases in Afghanistan

Young boys have been the targets of sexual abuse by Afghan soldiers living on Canadian bases in Afghanistan for years now, and the Canadian military has turned a blind eye to it. There are no indications that Canadian soldiers have been directly involved, but it appears that knowledge of the abuse is commonplace. This abuse sometimes takes place in […]