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F-35 purchase: What do Canadians think?

The debate over the purchase of the F-35 continues, with Conservative and Liberal rhetoric on the issue growing increasingly heated. But does either party really care what Canadians think? An Ekos poll taken in November suggests that 54% of Canadians are opposed to the planned purchase. Other polls often show that Canadians prefer peacekeeping to combat […]

Canadians oppose Afghan mission extension

A recent poll by EKOS Research has determined that Canadians oppose the idea of extending Canada’s military mission in Afghanistan by a more than two to one margin (Jane Taber, “Canadians shut door on Afghan combat mission,” Globe and Mail, 8 April 2010). The poll also shows that a plurality of Canadians continue to oppose the […]

Public eyes defence spending for cuts?

A new poll by EKOS Research shows that the most popular option for reducing the federal deficit is cutting government spending. According to the poll, 46% of Canadians favour spending cuts, compared to 14% who favour raising taxes, 10% who want to continue to run deficits, and 30% who don’t know. But while it’s not […]