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The Liberals blew it on the Afghanistan file: Yaffe

Barbara Yaffe, columnist for the Vancouver Sun, hits the nail on the head in today’s column. Steve The Liberals blew it on the Afghanistan file Barbara Yaffe Vancouver Sun Tuesday, September 16, 2008 Liberals last spring squandered a potent issue that could have boosted their sagging fortunes in the current election campaign. (more…)

It's a looooong way to 2011, baby…

Updated: CTV National News story on Harper’s Afghanistan 2011 pull-out pledge. Read more here in the Sun and Toronto Star, or watch this longer interview on CPAC last night. Rideau Institute’s response to Harper announcement on Afghanistan, that regarding Canada’s military contribution to the war in Afghanistan, “We intend to end it [in 2011].” Canadians […]

Let's not make too much of the Quebec byelections

Anthony Salloum, the Rideau Institute’s Program Director, contributed to this column by Barbara Yaffe of the Vancouver Sun. – Steve Let’s not make too much of the Quebec byelections The Vancouver Sun 19 Sep 2007 by Barbara Yaffe Calm down, everyone. They were just byelections and fewer than half of eligible voters even bothered partaking. It’s true, […]

Will the war in Afghanistan be an NDP issue in the next election?

Last Saturday morning I stopped by the Mariott hotel in downtown Ottawa where hundreds of NDP activists and future election candidates from across the country had gathered for an intensive election “bootcamp” called Breakthrough 2007. Many of the sessions were designed to help local, riding-level campaigns on everything from preparing election materials, doing media interviews, […]