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Rideau Institute on Obama Victory in U.S. Election

(Ottawa) “The Rideau Institute joins Canadians in recognizing the historic nature of last night’s election, and congratulates President-elect Barack Obama. Throughout this race, Sen. Obama set a tone that holds the promise of easing global tensions and possibly solving some of the conflicts initiated by outgoing President George W. Bush,” said Steven Staples, President of […]

How will the U.S. election affect our country?

Our American neighbours will elect their next President on November 4, 2008. How will their choice affect Canada? The Rideau Institute, Ceasefire.ca’s parent organization, has produced a dossier on the McCain and Obama platforms called Canada After Bush: How the Next U.S. President Could Affect Our Country. How do you think the US election will […]

Do you know where your local candidates stand on peace and human rights issues?

At the outset of the federal election, Ceasefire.ca launched a campaign to ask local candidates and parties where they stand on peace and human rights. Hundreds of Ceasefire.ca users sent queries to local candidates using the Canada Votes 2008 online action system. See the candidates’ replies, as compiled by Ceasefire.ca users. If you have received […]

Don't prejudge soldiers' votes

Jeff Davis’s article in this week’s Embassy Magazine would have readers believe that soldiers will vote overwhelmingly for the Conservatives, but the article does not actually quote any soldiers. Instead, it cites a trio of spokespeople from military-funded organizations such as the Conference of Defence Associations, and the hawkish historian, Jack Granatstein. (more…)