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Staples: Canada overspending on defence

In a recent op-ed article in Embassy magazine, Steven Staples, president of the Rideau Institute, argues that Canada’s military spending needs to be curbed: In 2010-11, Department of National Defence spending is estimated to reach $22.2 billion, its highest level since Canada was in Europe fighting Hitler. That level is 12 per cent higher than […]

Robert Green op-ed in Embassy Magazine

Retired Royal Navy Commander Robert Green explains his views on nuclear deterrence in an article in the February 23rd, 2011 issue of Embassy Magazine (reprinted in full at Defence Watch): Nuclear deterrence has not prevented non-nuclear states from attacking allies of nuclear weapon states. Examples include China entering the Korean War when the US had […]

Taylor points to U.S. role in F-35 debate

Esprit de Corps editor and publisher Scott Taylor comments on the silent role of the U.S. government in the F-35 debate (Scott Taylor, “The silent US hand guiding Canada‚Äôs F-35 debate,” Embassy, 9 February 2011, full text here): Although no actual contract has been signed, the Harper Tories remain adamant that they will proceed with […]