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NATO approves "new" Strategic Concept

NATO leaders approved a new Strategic Concept document at their Lisbon summit meeting on Friday. The document lays out NATO’s vision of its role in the world, the Alliance’s goals, and how Alliance members intend to pursue those goals. Among other elements, it also spells out the fundamental tenets of NATO’s nuclear weapons policy. On […]

Russian nuke data fall short

Russia has presented a chart and other data detailing recent reductions in its nuclear forces to the Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference currently underway in New York. But the information provided falls far short of the (itself incomplete) level of disclosure recently made by the United States, reports Hans Kristensen–and it may not even be accurate […]

Germany's Nuclear Dilemma and the Future of NATO

In 2009 the need for tactical nuclear weapons in Europe is dwindling. According to Prof. Joachim Krause of the Institute for Security Policy at Christian Albrecht University, the 480 warheads currently located in Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany and Turkey, are primarily short-range tactical weapons and their range is too limited to reach targets in […]