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Happy talk watch: More momentum moments

More official word on who’s got the Big Mo in Afghanistan: “We now have the initiative. We have created momentum.” Major-General Nick Carter, commander of NATO coalition forces in southern Afghanistan (Carlotta Gall, “NATO coalition pushes Taliban into retreat in southern Afghanistan,” Globe and Mail, 21 October 2010) “My sense is there will be a […]

Happy talk watch: Afghan insurgency losing momentum

“We are heading in the right direction in Afghanistan,” U.S. Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Michèle Flournoy told the Senate Armed Services Committee on 15 June. “We are regaining the initiative and the insurgency is beginning to lose momentum.” (Jared Allen & Roxana Tiron, “After setbacks, Hoyer hints Dems’ support for Afghanistan is slipping,” The […]

Situation in Afghanistan improves; Taliban desperate

2010 “‘After a difficult year in 2009, we now see a new momentum in 2010 and it has already started,’ [NATO Secretary-General Anders] Fogh Rasmussen said Friday.” (Slobodan Lekic, “NATO Chief: Situation improving in Afghanistan after tough year,” Canadian Press, 5 February 2010) 2009 “The insurgents are desperate and they are employing desperate tactics.” Brigadier […]