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Amnesty: Canada must take lead on human rights

A report released last Monday by Amnesty International Canada (Canada and Human Rights in 2010: Time to Return to Leadership, February 2010) calls on the Canadian government to adopt a new vision on human rights promotion and protection and to once again make Canada a leader in advancing the international human rights agenda. With the world’s attention […]

US Appeals Court Rejects Arar's Detention and Torture Claim

An American federal court of appeal ruled this week that Maher Arar, a Syrian-born Canadian, cannot sue the United States government and its officials because Congress has not authorized these types of law suits. Mr. Arar was attempting to sue those within the United States government who were involved with his arrest and deportation to Syria, […]

An Appeal from Afghanistan

The following is a letter written by a development worker currently posted to Afghanistan. Ceasefire.ca was sent this letter and has chosen to post it to share with our supporters an in depth look at the challenges faced by women in Afghanistan. (more…)

International Movement to Ban Cluster Bombs

Since the late 1990’s various human rights groups have fought to ban cluster bombs. In 2003 the Cluster Munition Coalition (CMC) was founded to end the harm caused by cluster munitions. Cluster munitions stand out as the weapon that posses the greatest danger to civilians in conflict since the use of landmines, which were banned […]

Canada finds Rwandan guilty of war crimes

In a landmark case against Desire Munyaneza, Canada joined a handful of countries that have prosecuted and subsequently convicted an individual on charges of crimes against humanity. Canada’s actions are justified under the legal clause known as “universal jurisdiction,” a concept that allows countries to prosecute crimes against humanity outside Canada’s borders.  The conviction of […]