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How NATO came to Afghanistan

Historian and journalist Gareth Porter on the process that led to NATO being in Afghanistan (Gareth Porter, “How Afghanistan became a war for NATO,” Inter Press Service, 3 January 2011): The official line of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), the NATO command in Afghanistan, is that the war against Afghan insurgents is vital to […]

NATO supplies blocked by Pakistan after soldiers killed

The relationship between Pakistan and the coalition forces in Afghanistan was further strained this week after coalition forces killed three Pakistani soldiers at a border checkpoint between the two countries (Deb Reichmann & Hussain Afzal, “Pakistan blocks war supply route after NATO cross-border strike,” Globe and Mail, 30 September 2010). The incident, which occurred on […]

"Combat phase" of battle for Kandahar begins: ISAF

The “combat phase” of the battle for the Kandahar region has begun, says a spokesperson for the International Security Assistance Force (Rob Nordland, “American and Afghan Troops Begin Combat for Kandahar,” New York Times, 26 September 2010): Code-named “Operation Dragon Strike,” the push is focusing on clearing the Taliban from three districts to the west […]