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Cannon fires a dud at NPT RevCon

“Canada has managed the extraordinary feat of presenting its opening statement to the NPT Review Conference without any substantive reference to ‘disarmament’ – one of the three foundational pillars of the Treaty,” reports arms control expert Ernie Regehr (“Canada’s opening statement at NPT: promoting nonproliferation while ignoring disarmament,” Disarming Conflict blog, 4 May 2010): Actually, […]

NATO Chief Wants Canada to Extend Afghan Mission

As domestic support for the withdrawal of Canadian troops from Afghanistan grows, the government is facing new calls for a renewed commitment.  Anders Fogh Rasmussen, NATO’s newly installed Secretary-General, made the plea on Thursday for Canada to maintain its military presence in the central Asian nation past 2011.  Despite reassurances he is “not going to […]

The government's response to Ceasefire.ca's CF-18 campaign

Below is the government’s response, from the Minister of Foreign Affairs, to Ceasefire.ca’s campaign to stop the deployment of Canadian CF-18 bombers to Afghanistan. The government has yet to state that Canada will NOT deploy CF-18s to Afghanistan and CF-18s are only mentioned at the end of this form letter response: The Office of the Right […]