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F-35 purchase: What do Canadians think?

The debate over the purchase of the F-35 continues, with Conservative and Liberal rhetoric on the issue growing increasingly heated. But does either party really care what Canadians think? An Ekos poll taken in November suggests that 54% of Canadians are opposed to the planned purchase. Other polls often show that Canadians prefer peacekeeping to combat […]

Canadians: Humanitarian role or stay home

According to a Leger Marketing poll conducted for the QMI Agency, Canadians are divided on where they would like the Canadian Forces to go after Afghanistan, with many choosing humanitarian missions and 32% saying they should stay in Canada (Laura Payton, “One third of Canadians want troops home after Afghanistan,” Winnipeg Sun, 19 May 2010). […]

Canadians want military spending cut: poll

A poll conducted at the beginning of March by Leger Marketing shows that a majority of Canadians want military spending to be reduced following the end of Canada’s mission in Afghanistan (Thane Burnett, “Canadians want military spending cut back: poll,” Toronto Sun, 5 March 2010). Almost 60% of those polled felt that “Canada should take […]