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Harper floats Afghanistan trial balloon

Possibly hoping to extend its record of foreign policy blunders, the Harper government is considering continuing Canada’s military mission in Afghanistan past the scheduled mid-2011 end of the mission. According to the Toronto Star (Bruce Campion-Smith, “Troops may stay in Afghanistan as ‘trainers’,” 6 November 2010), “a senior government official” has confirmed that a military […]

DND computers used to remove criticism of F-35s from Wikipedia

The Department of National Defence has confirmed that its computers were used to alter the Wikipedia entry regarding the F-35 fighter and the Conservative government’s decision to purchase 65 of them. Reportedly, the edits included “the removal of information critical of the government’s plan to buy the jets and the addition of insulting comments aimed […]

Canada should stay in Afghanistan: Ignatieff

Canadian military personnel should remain in Afghanistan as military and police trainers following the 2011 end of the Kandahar mission, Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff has declared (Joan Bryden, “Ignatieff: Canadian trainers should stay in Afghanistan,” Globe and Mail, 15 June 2010). The new Liberal position, which was floated two weeks ago by Bob Rae, was […]

Liberal and Conservative agenda "has never been as similar"

Respected columnist for the Toronto Star, Chantal Hebert, pointed out recently how closely aligned politically Stephen Harper and Michael Ignatieff have become. The Liberals and the Conservatives jointly wrote the current marching orders of the Afghan mission. Their Canada-U.S. agenda has never been as similar. Six months later, the Liberals have yet to say how […]