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Call for nuclear divestment


Each year, the nine nuclear-armed nations spend a combined total of more than US$100 billion on their nuclear forces – assembling new warheads, modernizing old ones, and building ballistic missiles, bombers and submarines to launch them. Much of this work is being carried out by private companies.

Five minutes to midnight


It is estimated that the United States will spend $700 billion or more over the next decade on nuclear weapons and related programs. Russia continues to modernize its own nuclear arsenal, China, India, Israel, and Pakistan are expanding theirs, and Iran may be on the verge of joining the nuclear club. There is little prospect […]

Canadian lawyers, academics call for nuclear disarmament

Two recent statements organized by the Canadian Network to Abolish Nuclear Weapons: Legal Experts and Lawyers Call for Abolition We… call on the Government of Canada: 1) to find early and prominent opportunities to publicly reaffirm Canada’s commitment to a world without nuclear weapons; 2) to encourage a new NATO Strategic Concept that commits NATO […]

Petition: Rid the world of nuclear weapons

There are still more than 23,000 nuclear weapons in the world. It’s time to finally achieve a nuclear weapon-free world. Now is the time to act. Urge Prime Minister Harper, the political party leaders and your Member of Parliament to support a new international treaty banning nuclear weapons.

Canada and the Nuclear Abolition Moment

On Sunday, July 26, Steven Staples of the Rideau Institute gave a presentation to the First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa on the nuclear disarmament movement.  Below is the text of his presentation, entitled “The Renaissance of the Nuclear Abolition Movement.”   Normally I come to deliver bad news – another potential war to avert, a […]