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Canadians split on Afghan extension

Canadians are split on the Harper government’s plan to extend Canada’s military mission in Afghanistan reports an Angus Reid Poll released on Monday (Jill Mahoney, “Canadians divided on Afghan training mission: poll,” Globe and Mail, 13 December 2010). According to the poll, 48% of Canadians support the extension of the mission, while 44% oppose the […]

U.S. and Russia agree on modest nuclear cuts

The United States and Russia have reached agreement on the terms of a new strategic nuclear arms reduction treaty, the White House reported on Friday (“Key Facts about the New START Treaty,” Whitehouse.gov, 26 March 2010). The new treaty, which will be signed in Prague on April 8th, will replace both the 1991 START Treaty […]

Pentagon requests record $708 billion budget

The Obama administration on Monday┬árequested Congressional approval for a record $708 billion in military spending for fiscal year 2011. Defense Secretary Robert Gates stressed the need for the Pentagon to prepare for a broader range of approaching security challenges while continuing to fund two ongoing wars and also expanding operations in Yemen and Somalia, where […]

U.S. moves in Eastern Europe complicate START talks

The Obama administration is planning to station American Patriot surface-to-air missiles in Poland within 60 kilometres of the Russian border, sparking expressions of concern from Russia. The Russians perceive the plan to station the missiles and accompanying troops in Poland as part of a larger build-up of American military infrastructure in Eastern Europe that threatens […]