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Ottawa off course on jets

Tamara Lorincz and Steven Staples comment on the government’s plan to purchase F-35 stealth fighters (Tamara Lorincz & Steven Staples, “Ottawa off course on jets,” Chronicle-Herald, 11 December 2010): Representatives from the Department of National Defence were in Halifax recently to promote the controversial purchase of stealth fighter jets. Unfortunately, they did not give a […]

Media coverage of CCPA F-35 report by Steven Staples

Here are some links to media outlets reporting on the just released F-35 report: Jane Taber, “Defence expert decries purchase of ‘shock-and-awe’ fighter jets,” Globe and Mail, 14 October 2010 Juliet O’Neill, “Scrap F-35s for cheaper drones, defence analyst argues,” Ottawa Citizen, 14 October 2010 Canadian Press, “F-35 ‘flying Cadillac’ doesn’t meet Canada’s needs: Report,” […]